Top list of foods to eat after eating the miracle berry.

Wow here is the ultimate top list of the best foods that you can enjoy the taste trip with after eating the miracle berry. Mostly these foods come to taste more sweeter than usual. So if you are about to take the miracle berry or miracle berry tablets and are looking for what food to eat, or you are holding a miracle berry party and looking for the right ingredients then remember to bookmark this page.

1. Lemon – taste very sweet almost like lemonade.
2. Tomato – tastes very sweet like a sharon fruit – answers the question “Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable ?” Now we can taste it is a fruit !
3. Lime – really really sweet – like drinking lime cordial.
4. Orange – too sweet – also depends on the variety of orange, clementines are much sweeter but tangerines taste just a little sweeter, ruby red oranges are delicious.
5. Tabasco Sauce – delicious, but don’t eat too much !
6. Goats Cheese – tastes like icing sugar or as Americans call it “frosting”.
7. Vinegar – tastes Like treacle.
8. Anything Pickled like gherkins, pickled onions taste like candy.
9. Salt and Vinegar Crisps – tastes like chinese sweet and sour.
10. Guinness – tastes like chocolate milk shake, other bitters taste chocolately.
11. Blue Cheese – tastes very creamy.
12. Grapefruit – very sweet you can’t stop eating them !
13. Granny Smiths Apple or cooking apple – tastes much sweeter.
14. Strawberry – the hint of bitterness they usually have is gone and they taste like sugar coated strawberry.
15. Broccoli – much more bearable – George Bush should try it after eating the miracle berry, then he’ll soon change his mind !
16. Pizza with tomato topping – depends on the other toppings but the tomato makes the whole pizza sweet.
17. Cottage cheese taste like a creamy cake filling.
18. Cherries – taste like glace cherries / glazed cherries.
19. Cream Cheese – tastes like cheesecake.
20. Kiwi Fruit – the tang has gone and it tastes sweeter and more delicious.
Please feel free to add anything here about what food you ate and what it tasted like after eating the miracle berry or  miracle berry tablets !

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