Do Miracle Berry Tablets Have Any Side Effects ?

Many people have asked the question “Do miracle berry tablets have any side effects ?”

Well, the miracle berry tablets themselves are made with 100% natural ingredients, so unless in extremely rare cases of an allergy then the answer would be a resounding NO !

So far tens of thousands of miracle berry tablets have been sold around the world and there has yet to be a single case of any side effects or allergy and that includes the fresh miracle berry fruit also.

Imagine if you made a tablet from say the freeze dried extract of blackberry and then you used another natural ingredient such as corn starch as a binding agent, well this is very similar to the miracle berry tablets. Freeze dried Miracle Fruit + corn starch = miracle berry tablets ! It’s as simple as that, so the possibilities of any side effects should be almost zero, and they are as safe as eating any natural fruit product.

There are absolutely no synthetic ingredients, no additives, no colouring, no preservatives, no chemicals or E-numbers, so rest assured if you buy miracle berry tablets then you can buy in confidence that you are receiving a product that is as close to natural as you can get. The only reason the miracle berry is freeze dried into tablet form is because its more easily manageable, has a longer shelf life, more miraculin is present because three miracle berries are used in each miracle berry tablet, and they are easy to transport as they will not decay unlike the fresh miracle fruit.


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  1. bassface Says:

    I have a video here of Gordon Ramsay and oscar winning actress Juliette Binosh on The Graham Norton Show, trying out the berries. Check out

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